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Canadiana Quiz (back to index)

This is a great way to play and learn at the same time.
  • What city is the capitol of Canada?
  • How many ocean coasts does Canada have?
  • Who was the first woman Prime Minister of Canada?
  • What is the tallest building in Canada?
  • Take the quiz and see how you do. Answer as many questions as you can. Those answers you don't know, we'll tell you.
Take the quiz and see how you do. Answer as many questions as you can. Those answers you don't know, we'll tell you.

Play the Canadiana Quiz

Chat (back to index)

The perfect place for secure, pre-arranged meetings with friends and family. 
  • Using our special technology there is no direct connection to your computer unlike most chats today. We provide our servers as intermediaries and everyone connects to our server in a safe, session-less state. Why? That keeps out invaders, hackers, viruses and so on. That's what we mean by safe chat. We also have administrators monitoring the Family chat constantly so that if someone presses the 'call sysop' button, there's help right away.
  • Family only (especially 'Kids')
  • Adults
  • Private

Chat Menu

Colouring Book (back to index)

This is fun! Right on your browser screen, using your mouse, you can draw your own colour pictures or colour in the picture outlines we have provided. For example, you can apply Britney Spears facial make-up. You can colorize a fighter jet airplane. You can also colour in cartoon images. And much more.

Draw or colour some Pictures

Computers (back to index)

  • A small collection of  tools is available for download here to help you watch your favourite box for intruders. You can also learn about how to do that here.

  • A comprehensive set of network tools is available at here including: Subnet Mask Calculator; Network/Node Calculator; IP address Calculator (hex / decimal / binary TCP/IP Address); NSLookup; and Traceroute.

Learn about Computer Security and other technology

E-Mail (back to index)
Send an email to anyone in the world using our server. 

Fighter Plane Video Game (back to index)

You are an F-16 fighter pilot and your enemies are well equipped rogues with airplanes, helicopters, ground-launched SAM missiles and artillery. Well. We have to warn you that this game can be very addictive. But is it ever fun! 
  • Also. We should tell you that your Netscape Browser is the one to use here because of the way Navigator does it's Java. Not that Explorer is no good for Java, but with Explorer you need to have installed the latest version of Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine which is large, expensive on hard drive space and memory ... and what's more, most people don't have it installed! Use Netscape4.x or higher. If you are using Explorer now, cut and paste this link to Netscape and Jet away into play land:

Cut and paste to Netscape >  http://mouse-house.mobrien.com/fighter.shtml

Interactive Site Features (back to index)

  • Free Chat
  • Message Board Discussion Forum 
  • Free Advice on Security Matters 
  • Free Stuff Downloads 
  • Guest book 
  • Uploads 
  • Special Site Membership 
  • Trivia Challenge

Check the list of Interactive Features

Midi Music (back to index)

Great music to play or download.
  • These are synthesized MIDI files on this page, meaning that they are synthesized or "computer-generated" music. Some of this music is unbelievably fantastic. 
  • It has the quality of an MP3 but is very small and easy to play and download without stressing your computer's resources. What that means to you is that you can play background music while you work or play on your computer and the processor and memory resources are fully available to you for your main tasks. 
  • You can also use these on your personal home page if you have one. 
  • Choose songs of popular artists like  Britney Spears, Paula Cole, Van Halen, Moody Blues, Christine Aguilera and more. 

Get some Midi Music 

MP3s For Playing or Downloading (back to index)

What a great collection of popular music! And it downloads at rocket speeds. 
  • Use SpiderMonkey to search for music to play or download. Most responses will provide you with the lyrics of the song and a link to play it or download the song to your computer.
  • Play the song by left clicking the heading of each file.
  • Download the song to your computer for continued use.
  • Sing along! SpiderMonkey also delivers you the song lyrics!
  • The music is right here so you won't get any annoying dead links!!!

Search for MP3s right at this site!

Pop Quiz - Trivia Challenge Gameshow (back to index)

We call it Trivia Challenge Game show.
  • Easy login. The ultimate trivial pursuit played on your computer.
  • Cool, challenging questions.
  • Keep score while you play.
  • Maintains a record of your username, password and performance. 

Play Trivia Challenge Pop Quiz Now!

Script Downloads (back to index)

We are packaging and releasing a number of our scripts we employee on this website. 
  • We are not a "free-scripts"-type web site, just making a humble contribution. Our scripts page will grow as our work gets done. At present, we have just begun to install the framework for offering our scripts and you are welcome to download what you find and try it out on your computer or website home page.

Get Some Free Scripts

School Stuff (back to index)

Research. Our publication division has been in the business of covering security and foreign affairs policy matters since the mid-1980s. Check out some of our resources for your school work or just for personal interest. 

SpiderMonkey Search Engine (back to index)
SpiderMonkey  is registered among the top search engines of the world as a sophisticated software "engine". Running from our primary internet server to reach out across the web, SpiderMonkey fetches relevant content for your searches. SpiderMonkey is automated by our programmers to systematically traverse the World Wide Web's hypertext structure and retrieve documents; thereafter recursively retrieving all documents that are linked from within the initial target document. For you that means fresh, rich, web search content.
Search: [The Web | Main Site | Boolean Web Search | Local Servers | Net Tech Manuals | MP3s | O'Brien Clan | Ham Radio Call Signs | Kid's Search]

Secret Stuff (back to index)

Pssst. Would you like to find the (hush) secret pages of: 

The Rand Institute ; U.S. Counter-Terrorism Office; FBI Terrorism reports ; The Terrorism Research Center ; Arson Investigators; Emergency Response; The Counter-Terrorism Page; RCMP; Unsolved Mysteries; Disaster Recovery Journal CSIS The World's Most Wanted ; Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) CIA Supreme Court of Canada; America's Most Wanted FBI and many more? 

  • Visit this page to find some cool cloak and dagger stuff and also use SpiderMonkey to crawl into some special web territory for you.

Check out the Secret Cloak and Dagger stuff

 Star Search - Movie Stars, Boy Bands, Music Stars and more. (back to index)

Pssst. Would you like to find out where you can get posters, pics, autographs and more from your favourite movie stars, boy bands, rock stars and more?

No promises but if you check out our searchable database of Hollywood and world film, TV and music stars, you can get an email address or street address and write away for all they have to offer in promotional material. Try it. Some stars give out really cool stuff! But even just getting a letter back from one of your 'favs' would be awesome wouldn't it?

The Stars  

Wallpaper for the whole family (back to index)

Get some free wallpaper for your computer or awesome pictures for your collections

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