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Subnet Mask Calculator

Enter the TCPIP Network Address:
Force as Class: Default Class A Class B Class C
Enter the required number of sub-networks:
OR enter the required number of nodes/hosts per network:
Network Class:
Subnet Mask: or
Nodes/Hosts per Network:

Network/Node Calculator

Enter the Subnet Mask:
Enter the TCPIP Address:
Broadcast Address:

IP Address Converter

Enter the dotted decimal TCPIP Address:
or Enter the binary TCPIP Address:
or Enter the hex TCPIP Address:
or Enter the decimal TCPIP Address:




IP or Name: 




IP or Name:


Domain Name Service 
(lookup full SOA, IP, NS, MX records)

Enter domain name ie.: mobrien.com

  1. Dig 8.3 Query
  2. Host Query
  3. NSLookup
  4. Trace
  5. Trace Resources
  6. Routing Calculator
  7. Whois