Mouse House Chat Room
The perfect place for discreet, pre-arranged meetings.

Were you invited to join a "private chat"?

Click the Private Rooms button and login with your nickname. A window will open allowing you to create a room or join a chat already in progress. Select the room you were invited to visit.

Free email.

While you are in the chatroom you will see a button ("Email") that allows you to use our server to send an email to a friend, perhaps a person you wish to meet for a scheduled chat. Try this service, it allows you to stay in the chatroom without jumping out to use your own computer's email client.
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Private Rooms:

Two choices. You can now chat in private chats by selecting "Create Your Own Room" to the left. Once in your own private room you can "kick-out" anyone you don't want there.

Cool, Safe Chat technology!

This is a safe way to chat. Unlike most web chat, here there is no direct connection between participants' computers. Our chat server cluster acts as the 'middle-man' to electronically host each party's message. That means nobody connects to your home computer. Safer, by far.