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How many of the following can you answer correctly the first time?

1. Calculate 27 + 32 =

62 59 58

Canadian Flag 2. What city is the capitol of Canada?

Toronto Montreal Ottawa

Canadian Flag 3. How many ocean coasts does Canada have?

1 2 3

Canadian Flag 4. How many colours are in the Canadian flag?

1 2 3

Canadian Flag 5. Who was the Canadian Prime Minister in 1999?

Brian Mulroney John Turner Jean Chretien

Canadian Flag 6. Who was the first woman Prime Minister of Canada?

Britney Spears Samantha Eggar Kim Campbell

Canadian Flag 7. What city is the capitol of Manitoba?

Winnipeg Regina Alberta

Canadian Flag 8. How big do you think the province of Ontario is?

1000 Miles. A billion metres. 465,000 Square miles.

Canadian Flag 9. What is the tallest building in Canada?

Empire State Building. Federal parliament buildings. CN Tower.

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