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2004 is our 10th internet anniversary!
Many years ago our parent company decided to build a web site that would be useful and appealing to employees and friends. It would teach people how to use the internet and have fun learning plus give them valuable communication tools like chat and email. In the early days of the internet, internet access was rare. Resources were hard to find. So our company made them available to employees, their families, friends, customers and their friends.
A safe family-oriented internet portal. Family Friendly Internet Portal Offers Diverse Web Services
In recent years, what was once rare is everywhere. People have email on their cell phones for example. Some of our folks have home PCs faster than our older servers. But we kept the idea alive because the internet has become an ugly place. Green greed and horrid exploitation hide behind so many pages, pop-ups and links on the WWW. So today, after ten years or so, our web site is intended to provide nothing unique, just safe and trustworthy resources that you can otherwise get all over the web, at a price. This site is accessible, safe, uses no pop-ups nor tracking software.

Intended for a family audience, this portal is a gateway to a full set of owned subsidiary web resources including email; family chat; news; how to's; e-music; software; music downloads; family security; personal and privacy solutions; family games and more.

  • Family Internet Portal - Chat, music, computer games, downloads, humor...
  • We took the care to create an interoperable web site. The "best browser" is entirely your choice.
  • MPRM Group Limited has been in the global information technology business since 1986.
  • Chatterbox is our Family Messenger Service. Visit Chatterbox Messenger.
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