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Do you occasionally need out-sourced help?

Emergency support?

Out-sourced Systems Engineering?

Disaster Recovery?

Web Developers?

Training for Your In-House Administrator?

  • We offer skilled, reliable on-call support on short notice.

  • Jot this number down in case you need it:

  • Need a Pinch Hitter? One hour to 6-month contracts.

  • Unix, BSD, LINUX, Solaris, NT4 - 5 - 5.1, 5.2  Win32 multi-platform networks.

  • All Web Servers

  • SQL

  • Remote Admin or at your facilities. Available 24-7

  • Your on-demand technicians. Available 24-7

  • "Lights-Out" system overhaul, maintenance and repair.

  • Disaster, DDoS Recovery Available 24-7

  • System Rebuilds Available 24-7

  • Backup and Restore Available 24-7

  • New Architecture Available 24-7

  • We have skilled persons ready to implement your P3P privacy protection scheme.

Out-sourced expertise. Consulting network administrators, technicians, engineers and web professionals
For Hire. 

Hourly rates range from $45 to $185 per hour depending on volume and leave-behind programming requirements. No travel surcharge in Central Ontario and Southern Ontario.

Contact us.
Southern Ontario: Contact Fred Harris at 905-xxx-xxxx use email contact

Mouse House is the creative technology division of MPRM Group Limited.

Mouse House is the creative technology division of MPRM Group Limited. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers.

HTML Writers Guild



Lucent Technologies



WWWGold Award

  • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003 Server and Win32 Workstations plus Unix web security specialists. Domain, workgroup, subnet firewalls and proxy servers for SMTP, FTP, DNS, Telnet, JavaScript, ActiveX, LDAP, NetBT, SMB, Kerberos, ODBC, and more using packet pipe and port filtering and DNS subnet router 'leaping'/screening.

  • Remote Enterprise Management and Monitoring Services

  • We have developed techniques using our own technology plus third party vendor software for blocking and or detecting password sniffers/crackers, IP forgery, distributed service denial attacks, DNS DB attacks.

  • Packet filtering, proxying, network address translation, virtual private networks, screening routers, dual-homed hosts, screened hosts, screened subnets, perimeter networks and internal / external caching firewalls.

  • Also: initial domain and work group planning and architecture, system architectural design and creation of local and wide area (LAN / WAN) secure networks and intranets; primary domain, work group, mail, DNS, SQL, HTTP, and other task-specific servers including intranet web servers, secure gateway machines for routing, and user terminals for managed, limited data-system-access within a secure environment where users have hierarchical permission / security levels.

  • Also clients: all Win.XX, Linux, Unix, Novell, etc., in particular, the aspects of non-NT systems where integration is the goal. Administration in NT LAN, WAN and Internet, Unix and Novell Netware, LAN, Internet. TCP/IP and DNS / Bind specialists.

Not on the internet yet? Or don't like your current web site? Do you need to enhance the security of your network, intranet or web enterprise?Are you too small yet to have your own in-house IT staff? Laid too many people off?

Think about the benefit our extensive experience can bring to your business or organization.

At a moments notice we'll define the skill requirement and have a person inside your facilities ready to work to your requirements and fulfil your short-term or long-term needs.

We build networked solutions to seize your marketing and communications opportunities. Our clients are gems -- small or large, precious all. Our experience includes indigenous authoring for many unique enterprises using our skills in creative writing, original art and photography, Practical Extraction and Report Language, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, SSL, SQL, relational flat line databases, for: internet web sites, corporate intranets and secure point-to-point tunnelled virtual private networks.

Whether its for a single strategically built web page or a vast information network, we want your business.

Learn more about our people and what we can do for you. Browse and learn from our papers on net security, computer security, network building and more. You may also take advantage of some of our free services for your existing web sites by following the links below.

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