Investigation Assignment
Operative: Mikey
Mission:Locate Missing Spice Girl For Nostalgic Trivia Pursuers
Last seen: Much Music
Doing What? Having A Tantrum
Report: Mission Accomplished
The above referenced subject was located as evidenced in the above captioned photograph.
Owing to the tawdry, pre-adolescent behaviour of subject Ginger Spice, formerly of the "female fab five", she lost her audience of pre-pubescent bubble gummers and has joined the teddy bears owned by the squeaky-voiced pre-booby lolipoppers. The once cuddled critters were recently abandoned in bedrooms the world over as their young caregivers plastered their pink walls with Spice posters. Once abandoned for the Spice Girls, the stuffed critters did the old "if you can't beat-em, join-em". And so did Ginger Spice. As the pre-teeny-bopper-craze ends, the Spice Girls -- who once stole these kid-fans away from their teddy bears -- are relegated to the dusty corners of the 'kids' room'. The remaining four Spicers are yet to follow as three members are rumoured to be already "up the stump" without husbands and the foursome is stunned-staring-worried about their future. (Just as well. What a terrible role model for pre-adolescents.)

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