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Who do you want for your case work?

All of our people have...

  • Excellent investigative skills;
  • Extensive court experience;
  • Experience in all forms of surveillance, signals intelligence and visual/audio evidence gathering;
  • St. Johns Ambulance certified rescuer, CPR (C)  and basic first aid;
  • Skilled driving ability, clean driver's license, licensed radio operators;
  • Computer intelligence to a senior, certified level; fluent English, + one other language; .
  • They are dynamic troubleshooters--problem solvers with well-developed interpersonal skills--players who like to win.

If you want to hire the best:
Telephone:  CANADA {905} xxx-xxxx use email contact

President M.J. (Mike) O'Brien  Who do you want for your case work? 

It's people that make the difference between success and failure. We offer: Professional investigators trained in case management; information gathering, preparation and presentation; planning and executing simple and complex overt and covert surveillance on single and multiple subjects; subject profiling and pattern analysis; mobile, static and foot surveillance; VIP protection; security surveillance and facility and perimeter security; lighting, CCTV, and electronic alarm security; weapons training; computer crime; electronic surveillance and counter-measures; imaging technology; threat assessment; powers of  arrest, preparation of an information; report writing; taking statements; powers of observation; identification; writing and executing court documents; and basic law under various statutes.

MPRM Group Limited President, Micheal J. O'Brien

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