"Magic Camera"
Try out the brand new MichealSoft Magic Cyber "Camera"
This is a picture of the MichaelSoft Cyber Camera you'll be using.

It's still in the state of testing, but Michealsoft has decided to release this beta version. MichealSoft makes it possible for us to introduce it to you.  Like touch-screen technology, the Magic "Camera"  will activated the choke and electrostatic pixel generator in reverse within your monitor screen in such ways to make it very light sensitive. It will work like a digital camera enabling you to take your own (still, not video) picture with your very own computer. You are now invited to test the "camera" yourself compliments of mobrien.com and MichaelSoft Absolute Minimum System Requirements: Your computer / monitor has to be plugged in.
Click the link below to reach the "camera:"
Take Picture

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